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I’m glad you’re here! Like many of you, I’ve fallen in love with traveling through the dark worlds of history and secret environments surrounding us in our towns and cities in our everyday lives. I love being mesmerized by time periods and the fantastical, which are so different from our own experiences while at times so similar. It raises all sorts of possibilities about the unknown and questions about what we think we know.

My characters aren’t perfect people, but they are like you and me, trying to live and survive in the real world…even when it’s complicated by the supernatural and unseen. When I meet characters, whether in books, on screen, or in the stories that I write, they become close friends to me. After all, we are there with them in their most trying times, through their deepest pains and happiest moments of their lives. I hope that you will not only enjoy my books that you find on this site, but also that you will both fall in love with some characters and “love to hate” others.


P.S.: I love to chat with my readers, so feel free to drop me a virtual line anytime.